Mission & Vision

LX has set out to improve the efficiency of national land management and people’s quality of life by executing government projects and supporting the establishment of policies.

We consequently seek to be an institution loved by the public by strengthening our social responsibility implementation and accountable management. LX will consolidate its status as the national spatial information hub as well as a specialized institution that provides people with the national information service by cultivating experts and invigorating R&D for the management of integrated and convergent land information.

  • Mission

    Contribute to the development of the nation by supporting the construction of the national spatial information system, researching and developing the spatial information and cadastral system, and conducting the cadastral survey.

  • Vision

    The National Geospatial Information Platform leading the Smart Society

Core Value
  • The Global
  • Innovation for
    the Future
  • Responsibility
    and Trust
  • Communication
    and Harmony
Strategic Direction
  • Pioneer the Innovative Growth of National Geospatial Information

  • Innovate the Nation-Centered Service

  • Implement Social Value

  • Reinforce Future Growth Capability

  • Strategic Objective1
    • Global Top 5 of the National Geospatial Information Infrastructure
  • Strategic Objective2
    • Top-Ranked in Customer Satisfaction Assessment among the Public Institutes
  • Strategic Objective3
    • Top-Ranked in Social Value Contribution among the Public Institutes
  • Strategic Objective4
    • - Spatial Information License Acquisition 1,329 → 2,000
    • - National Geospatial Information Specialists 230 persons → 1,190 persons
  • Strategic Task1
    • - Construction of the Smart National Geospatial Information
    • - Construction of the Integrated Platform for the National Spatial Information
    • - Expansion of the National Geospatial Information
  • Strategic Task2
    • - Innovation of the Distribution System of the National Geospatial Information
    • - Expansion of the Public Service recognized by the Nation
    • - Innovation of the Service Process
  • Strategic Task3
    • - Reinforcement of the Co-Survival and Cooperation System
    • - Reinforcement of the Public Innovation and Its Execution
    • - Creation of Better Jobs
  • Strategic Task4
    • - Securement of the Innovation Growth Capability
    • - Innovation of the Organization Culture
    • - Advancement of the Management System