Social Volunteer Work

A Happy World Made by Earth-like People

LX takes part in various activities to encourage and help those in need. The scope of such activities expands beyond Korea itself and includes supporting immigrant workers and multicultural families, voluntary social service, blood donation, and welfare facility support.

Caring Neighbors

The management and employees of LX are volunteers in a scheme to 'share hope with those at the margin of society.'

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Culture and Sports Promotion

LX actively practices the philosophy of sharing and coexistence by supporting cultural activities and services.

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Knowledge Sharing

LX shares its knowledge with children - the future of Korea - by providing a chance to have work experience and tips for future planning.

Certified as 'Good Educational Donor' by the Ministry of Education and Science Technology (MEST) in September, 2012 9.)

Won the MEST Minister's Prize in the 1st Good Educational Donor Contest (2012, 12.)

  • Knowledge Sharing