3D Cadastial Spatial info

Ground Laser Survey

The 3D Cadastral Spatial Information Service produces, manages, processes, distributes, and uses cadastral spatial information; builds a system by converging with other technologies; or provides cadastral spatial information services.
LX provides 3D cadastral spatial information service using ground laser surveying technology.
The ground laser survey is an advanced surveying technology that uses a ground laser scanner to obtain the 3D shape and location data of an object, and processes them to build a digital system.

3D precision survey of cultural assets in case of unexpected damages and loss is essential in cultural asset management and restoration.

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    Sungryemun before fire

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    Sungryemun on fire

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    Sungryemun after the fire In 2008, National Treasure No. 1 Sungryemun (South Gate of the Seoul)

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    Geunjeongjeon, Gyeongbokgung

Cultural Asset Recording and Content Service

LX performs millimeter-grade precision surveys on valuable cultural assets in case of flooding, earthquake, fire, damage, and other disasters, which, when required, can be used as material data for restoration.

LX's advanced surveying technology has been used to create restoration data for the Myeongdong Catholic Church, vCheongnyeongpo, Naksan Temple, and many other sites.

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    Silleuk Temple, Jecheon City

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    Hyanggyo (Confucian school and temple), Gwangju City

Safety Inspection

Regular ground laser surveys on dangerous slope, bridges, and dams create the data required for safety analyses and safety measure planning. This includes dislocation monitoring data, strike and dip, roughness, and sections of collapsible areas.

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    Jamdubong, Yanghwa Ferry

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    Elevation and Section of Jamdubong, Yanghwa Ferry

Cave and Mine

Ground laser surveys on underground space identify the complex form and location of caves and mines quickly and accurately. The data is used as information for the efficient management and conservation of underground space including measuring the size of a cave, determining the relationship with ground structures, planning for mining, and estimating the amount to restore.

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    Cave Survey

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    3D Cave Survey Data