Digital Cadastral Business

Accurate Land Information Service and Streamlining of Administrative Procedures

Accurate map information (with the maxinmum error of 7cm)is provided through accurate surveying with new surveying technologies. As the borders can be identified using a simple tape measure based on the border point register information. administrative manpower is not wasted.

  • Economic Benefits through Efficient Management of theNational Territory

    USD 1.6 billion

  • Removal of Inconveniences for Citizens and Saving of Transaction costs

    USD 1.3 billion

  • Costs of Digital Cadastral Survey

    USD 1.1 billion
  • How are the target areas of the digital cadastral survey designated?

    The districts which do not match the information of the cadastral map, and the districts which over 2/3 of lands agree to resurvey are deliberated and designated by the cadastral resurvey committee of cities and provinces. The districts with the land owners commission for which over 3/4 of land owners have agreed with the terms of the digital cadastral survey are selected as a priority

    * Clause 2 and Clause 6, Article 7 of the Special Act on Digital Cadastral Survey Project
  • What if the land register does not match the actual land area?

    The compensation is calculated according to the area. The adjustment fund is returned when the area is reduced. An adjustment fund shall be paid if the area increases.

    * Article 20 and Article 21 of the Special Act on Digital Cadastral Survey Project
  • Who determines the borders of lands?

    The land borders are based on the real borders, but if there is consent among land owners, the organization in charge of affairs related to the cadastral system determines the land border and the Boundary Demarcation Committee deliberates on and votes for determination of land borders.

    * Clause 1. Article 16 and Article 14 of the Special Act on Digital Cadastral Survey Project