Project Details

LX with the World

Southeast Asia
  • Bangladesh : Land management system F/S project, feasibility study on Dhaka city real-estate taxation map (USD 0.57 million)
  • Indonesia : Establishment of institutional improvement for unified cadastral system policies (USD 0.2 million)
  • Laos : Road status survey (USD 0.26 million)
  • Myanmar : Consulting on geographic information policy improvement support (USD 0.19 million)
  • Vietnam : Industrial complex establishment survey, comprehensive land information system development project (USD 1.03 million)
Central Asia
  • Azerbaijan : Cadastral system improvement project (USD 1.1 million)
  • Kazakhstan : Research on methods to establish NGIS (USD 0.07 million)
  • Kyrgyzstan : Establishment project for comprehensive land management information system (USD 0.65 million)
  • Sakhalin, Russia : 3rd and 4th fact-finding survey project of Korean people’s graves (USD 0.52 million)
  • Turkmenistan : Data processing management system implementation and land registration project (USD 3.93 million)
  • Uzbekistan : Spatial information training center support project, establishment of national geographic information system business, comprehensive land management information system implementation project (USD 14.81 million)
  • Morocco : Land registration and pilot project (USD 0.81 million)
  • Egypt : E-government master plan project (USD 0.16 million)
  • Ethiopia : Invited training of land administration capacity building for senior officials (USD 0.04 million)
  • Rwanda : Prior-feasibility study on project (USD 0.11 million)
  • Tanzania : Land informatization policy support project (USD 0.23 million)
  • Tunisia : Digitalizing land management system support project, digitalizing land WB consulting, technical assistance to build land information system, infrastructure masterplan project (USD 1.12 million)
  • 3 East African countries (Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Mozambique) : Policy support project (USD 0.35 million)
Central and South America
  • Chile : Cadastral system consulting project, master plan for comprehensive land information establishment (USD 0.69 million)
  • Haiti : Land ownership guarantee system implementation support project (USD 0.14 million)
  • Jamaica : Cadastral map production and land registration project(USD 1.95 million)
  • Uruguay : Technical support for the improvement of digital cadastral maps for the National Cadaster of Uruguay, the improvement of geolocational accuracy of cadastral map (USD 0.64 million)
  • Capacity building project for national land informatization (WB)
  • Capacity building project for national land administration and management (KOICA)