Floodmark Mapping

LX has been a registered member of the "Floodmark Mapping and Application" Division, the Disaster Alleviation Planning Council, since 2006. In order to provide various forms of data required to prevent flood disasters and support national policies, LX makes floodmark maps and builds databases for the areas of the nation at risk from flooding.

Floodmark Management System Operation

LX builds and operates a floodmark management system to gather and computerize the floodmark mapping data. The system enables the National Emergency Management Agency, the National Disaster Management Institute, and local governments to view the current state of floodmarks, download and use the data as required. The floodmark management system supports tranferring the focus of disaster policy from recovery to prevention.

  • Flood Survey Reporting
    • - Site survey : a surveying sheet and a table of flooded areas to be prepared
    • - Flooded area images : on-the-site photographs taken of the site
    • - Flooded area virtual images : Internet
    • - Flooded area precipitation : TV and news media
    • - Cadastral survey of the site : site survey data and flooded area survey data
  • Site Survey and Study
    • - Site Survey: acquire coordinates in X, Y, Z
    • - Site study: identify and photograph flood damages
  • Floodmark Mapping
    • - Drawing of a floodmark map based on the site survey data