Overview of Cadastral Spatial Information

"Spatial Information Service" produces, manages, processes and distributes location information on natural or artificial objects on plains including the earth's surface, underground, on water surface, and underwater.

The service also distributes information required for spatial perception and decision making. It aims to build a converged system with other industries and to provide services.

LX is promoting a national land survey project that includes floodmark mapping, fact-finding survey for managing public land and coastal areas, building a database of land and buildings including public organizations, schools, and riverbeds.

In addition, LX is making efforts towards developing a competitive national spatial information industry by undertaking national priority projects including the unification of real estate realty administration information project, the road name address mapping project, and the spatial big data project.

  • Coastal area field survey and management

  • Public land management

  • School assets management

Building and providing surveying data and related attribute data based on a location on the cadastral map
  • Riverbed management

  • Livestock farming restricted area control

  • Facility management