Corporate Culture of Sharing

A Happy World Made by Earth-like People

LX is committed to its social responsibilities as a well-respected public service.
LX works not for profit but to make a better world for the people.

Nuri Cadastral Service Team Organization Chart

Team Leader (of both management and labor) CEO & Union Leader

Executive Committee Members (auditor and executives)

  • Task Force Team (Management Support Team)

  • Social Service Partnership Council

  • Main Office Service Team

  • Training Center Service Team

  • Research Institute Service Team

  • Headquarter Service Team (12 Teams)

  • Branch Service Team (179 Teams)

'Share Happiness' Survey

In an effort to make a contribution to society through services it provides, LX has set up a 'Share Happiness' survey. The 'Share Happiness' survey provides cadastral survey related services that improves residential environment for those at the edge of society including those in low-income groups, parentless families, and the elderly living alone.

conservation of traditional cultural assets using 3D digital cadastral information

LX leads the management and conservation of traditional cultural assets and natural heritage using its 3D digital cadastral information. By keeping accurate 3D cadastral information of the cultural assets, we can perfectly restore an asset to its original state regardless of damage by fire or other dangers. In addition, the management and employees of LX are monitoring survey on cultural assets nationwide for safety purposes and are taking the lead in conserving cultural assets.

Providing Public Service Based on Spatial Information

LX is using its cadastral spatial information to develop a disaster evacuation map application service, a real estate information service among others, and provides a specialized service to the people.