History of space created by LX becomes the future of humankind

Add new value to national land information

LX opens up an exciting future for the nation where all people can live safely with the help of cutting-edge 3D survey technology

  • Foundation of policies and decision-making

    It provides the basic information to discover and determine government policies and administrative services. Furthermore, it carries out the national policy supporting businesses, including unified business for real estate administrative information, road name address business, spatial big data business and so forth, thereby contributing to the development of the national spatial information industry.

  • Driving force of advancement for the spatial information industry

    Spatial information may be combined with big data, ICT, and so forth to act as the main means to forecast and prospect the future in all social fields. This is the reason why LX aims to lead the advancement of the spatial information industry. LX hosts internal and external seminars to prepare the arena of exchange for industry, government, academia and research institutes as a way of developing the specialists to contribute to the nation’s industrial development.

  • Prevention of disasters and calamities

    LX prepares an inundation trace map on the basis of the field observation data in the disaster regions and structures and operates the inundation trace management system that can be facilitated in real time. Along with the foregoing, the smartphone application of LX, ‘LX Tojiallim-e,’ provides the evacuation information and climate information to lead the way to realize a safer Korea.


The digital cadastral information uncovers boundless possibilities in land survey

Smart land era is opening up with the digital cadastral survey project

The digital cadastral survey project being implemented through year 2030 is a national project to pioneer the smart land era, uncovering boundless possibilities.

  • Efficient management of land and generation of diverse added values

    The digital cadastral survey project is the business to structure the digital cadastral information without any error with its high-tech equipment and cutting edge technology. When the digital cadastral information is structured, national spatial information and diverse administrative information can be convergenced & integrated to generate various added value with efficient management of land.

  • Strengthening of property rights and resolving of disputes and inconveniences

    The digital cadastral map to be born out of the digital cadastral survey project includes all information regarding land, including surface, underground and ground levels. Accordingly, the value of land-use is heightened and the local economy will be advanced. In addition, the dispute from unbalance in cadastral mapping and land will be resolved with clear land boundaries as well as reduction of cadastral survey expenses for clarification.


Survey the value of land and plan for the future of land

Prompt and accurate cadastral survey service to contribute to people’s living Convenience

With the rich field survey experience and technology, LX promptly and accurately surveys the land and contributes to a convenient and happy life for all.

  • The cadastral survey service as the foundation of national infra

    LX has a nationwide organizational network with its 12 HQs and 176 branch offices and focuses on structuring of cadastral information and prompt and accurate survey service. On the basis of the cadastral information, the government establishes mid- to long-term development plans and policies and the public agencies that implement the national projects may facilitate the survey service result to build the national infra.

  • From thorough post-management to lessen the burden for fees

    The level of customer satisfaction is enhanced with One-More Service to install one more time boundary indications at actual cost within three months after surveying for boundary restoration, and if several categories are surveyed in the same lot, it has the package survey service to provide 30% discount of basic fees for each category.

  • Fast and convenient, anytime and anywhere

    THE CADASTRAL SURVEY PROCESSING CENTER processes from the application for cadastral survey to confirmation of its result via one-stop service. Along with the foregoing, the LX Ddangullim-e application that is available to use cadastral information and other diverse services is conveniently accessible using a smartphone, to be available to people anytime and anywhere.


Broaden the stage of LX with passion on land

Reaching out to the world with LX’s advanced technology and high reputation

LX shares its cadastral specialization with passion and devotion with the developing countries while supporting domestic private enterprises to advance overseas and publicizes the status of the cadastral and spatial information industry of Korea to the world.

  • Overseas market pioneered through the remote regions

    LX concentrates its focus on sharing its advanced cadastral system and survey technology with those developing countries that require an efficient land administration system. It has successfully completed overseas business in Laos, Azerbaijan, Jamaica, and Turkmenistan to lay the foundation to pioneer the markets for small and medium businesses as part of enhancing the cadastral status of Korea.

  • Formulating solid global network

    After joining the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) in 1981, it actively performs exchanges of information for surveyor organizations for respective countries, providing education and training on new survey technology and so forth. In addition, LX has entered into a working agreement (MOU) with a total of 16 agencies, including ESRI of the United States, the Dutch Kadaster and others to publicize the excellence of our technology and support private enterprises to advance into overseas markets as a way of fulfilling its role as a public agency.

  • Advanced technology to share with the world

    LX dispatches specialized human resources to under-developed countries to implement education and broadly shares its advanced technology in corporation with various agencies. Also, beginning in Laos and Vietnam, it has successfully carried out official development assistance (ODA) projects on behalf of the Korea International Corporation Agency (KOICA). Furthermore as a start to send employee to FIG office, LX has dispatched its staff to the World Bank to explore future development plans for the cadastral spatial information industry of the developing countries.