Road Name-based Address

Support for Road Name-based Address

Having entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Safety and Public Administration, LX is continuously promoting a new road name-based address system.
It is using its organizations and human resources to ensure early implementation of the system, while playing its role as a public agency by supporting policies such as the national point number system, the national basic area system, and the detailed address system.

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    Entering into an MOU with the Ministry of Safety and Public Administration

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    Road Name Address Guide Map

Road Name-based Address Project

LX builds and operates a floodmark management system to gather and computerize the floodmark mapping data.
In support of the full enforcement of the road name address system in 2014, LX is preparing a unified management basis for address information and is providing a basic map to private and public sectors free of charge to improve the efficiency of location information application services and public administration services.