Global Networking

LX with the World

LX hosts various national events, and actively promotes international exchange with foreign countries for better understanding of human and technical interchange. Besides, LX makes a chance to go with private sectors to make deep relationship with the country by opening events at foreign market place.

LX is actively supporting our technology to go abroad.

LX is establishing a foothold, through its global networks, for the civil enterprises to go abroad. By joining the FIG (International Federation of Surveyors) and hosting the international cadastral symposiums, LX is continuously maintaining the international exchanges with many countries all over the world. LX is also committed to promoting of LX’s capacity and technology worldwidely, attending the World Bank Annual Conference which about 1,200 experts of the land and spatial information institutes from 125 countries take part in every year.

  • The UN Habitat Conference
  • The Ibero-America Cadastral Symposium
  • The World Bank Annual Conference
  • FIG Working Week
  • South East Asian Survey Congress
  • Smart Geospatial Expo
  • Land and Poverty Annual Conference
  • International Cadastral Symposium
Spatial Information Road Show for Overseas Expansion

First Held in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2013, the Spatial Information Roadshow has been establishing itself as a window for the world into Korea’s business competencies and technological prowess in the field of spatial information. Relevant public officials, the LX business group, and representatives from participating companies form a PR team to visit a target country, and we make careful arrangements to ensure it will be held in a different country each year based on business demands. LX also takes the opportunity to visit the government agencies of the host country to hold a cooperative government policy seminar or government conferences to reinforce human networks.

  • Uzbekistan Road Show
  • Cambodia Road Show
  • Indonesia Spatial Information Road Show
  • Sri Lanka Smart Spatial Information Road Show
  • Vietnam Spatial Information & U-City Road Show
  • The Overseas Expansion for Spatial Information Road Show