Actual Condition Survey on Coastal Area

LX is working with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) to carry out an actual condition survey on coastal areas for the purpose of: systematic registration and management of the coasts which serve to mark the boundary between sovereign territory and sea, and meeting the increasing demand for nationalized waters and coast. For efficient use of the three sea sides of the Korean peninsula, LX is performing a systematic actual condition survey on the coast and making a new register of the coastal land to expand national territory and support coastal water policy making.

Actual Condition Survey and Reconnaissance Survey on Coastal Areas

LX is performing systematic survey to understand the general condition of our coastline, non-registered land, and public waters around the coast to ensure the efficient management of coastal areas. This will be achieved by, for example, acquiring non-registered national property, conserving buffer zones, and controlling the illegal use of public waters.

  • Reconnaissance Survey on Coastal Areas
    • - Highest seamark observation
    • - Actual condition survey on coastal area
  • Facility data input and DB building
    • - Estimation of water volume in coastal areas nationwide
    • - Satellite image related jobs and activities
  • Results of actual condition survey and reconnaissance survey
    • - Computerization of actual condition survey results
    • - Standardization of specified jobs