Land, the Key to Solving Global Poverty

Global society has been working more closely together to tackle the problem of global poverty. The widely-held consensus is that land is directly related to the issue of poverty. Against this backdrop, LX is committed to realizing the effective use of land and the establishment of responsible land policies by sharing other countries’ land management status and innovation cases.

Laying the Foundation for Global Spatial Information

LX is pursuing a grand vision for the establishment of the cyber global village through its global business by systematically arranging land information, accumulated for its global business over the last decade, as well as future land information throughout the world.

Cadastral Survey Business

Starting from Laos in 2006, the company has been engaged in various projects including improving the cadastral system, building cadastral maps, and land registration projects in Azerbaijan, Jamaica, and other nations. The Jamaica land registration project provided residents in underprivileged areas with land ownership, helping them to maintain stable lives.

The company also provided basic data for stable land tax collections. The project has led to other cadastral projects in other countries in Central and South America including Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, etc.

Land and Spatial Information Consulting Business

Since the first implementation of the “Establishment of the land registration method and pilot project” in Morocco, Africa in 2007, LX has been offering land system consulting and land registration pilot projects in the global market.

After 2014, we have expanded our spatial information business in earnest and have been consulting all over the Africa, including Tunisia, Ethiopia and Tanzania, which are developing countries. We also support the construction of land administration digitalizing and land information management systems in developing countries.

Capacity Building Business

Starting by inviting Cambodia’s cadastral public officers for a training program, LX has completed a capacity building business for about 200 trainees from 13 developing countries as of 2016.

In addition, the company won orders from KOICA and the World Bank for capacity building businesses for land information, and has been continuing capacity building businesses by offering education that serves as the backbone of sustainable national development.

Spatial Information Package Business

As land registration, digitalizing of drawings, information system establishment, etc. are exported in a package, individual projects that fail to delineate the characteristics of spatial information are grouped in a total spatial information package.

This will enable us to offer comprehensive spatial information infrastructure that serves not just to establish control points, land registration, digitalizing of drawings, material support, and information system build-up, but also the education and training necessary for their operation.